Project Clean Neighborhoods

pcn logoProject Clean Neighborhoods is designed to assist in helping to clean and beautify neighborhoods. Roll-offs (dumpsters) will be provided at no cost so that citizens may dispose of  any broken  appliances, bulky items, trash, or debris. Construction material, food items, or dangerous chemicals will not be accepted.

A cleanup can be scheduled in your area after a neighborhood leader or association member fills out a simple application and collects 15 signatures from the neighbors. Once the application is turned in we will schedule the date of the cleanup at your convenience. On that weekend, neighborhood residents may dispose of any materials into the roll-offs.

Dumpsters will be placed in designated areas. The Neighborhood Association or leader, will hand out flyers to residents as to when and where the dumpsters will be placed. At the end of the weekend, the containers will be picked up and materials collected will be disposed of. Neighborhoods are allowed to have one cleanup per year in their area.

If you would like to set up a cleanup in your neighborhood, click here for an application. Please contact the KMB office at 956-681-4562, prior to filling out your application to ensure that an annual cleanup has not yet been set up for your neighborhood.  Thank you for participating in Project Clean Neighborhoods.   Email [email protected]